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P1 Traffic Machine WP plugin + Add-ons

The most powerful silo structure builder on Wordpress - with just a few clicks you get smart menu system, redirects from categories to pages and automatic internal linking structure.

  • P1 Site Manager & P1 Keyword Planner ($399.95 value) - it's an add-on of P1 Traffic Machine - it gives a complete control over the keywords and posts/pages from a single screen (there is nothing like this on the market anywhere else)
  • P1 Gcode Research ($199.95 value) - it's an add-on of P1 Traffic Machine - it get precise competition metric in Google directly from your WP blog.
$499.95 value

P1 Video Magnet WP theme

The most powerful content marketing theme on Wordpress - it allows you to setup video affiliate sites, local business websites or just about any other type of website. It's highly customizable with lots of features.

$399.95 value

P1 Video Curator WP plugin

The most strategic video curation system on Wordpress - with just a single push you can literally generate hundreds of posts on your site.

$399.95 value

P1 Video Spider WP plugin

It creates deep syndication sequences to TOP social networking sites. Very powerful.

$499.95 value

P1 Ace WP plugin

It's a social syndication & curation system on Wordpress - with just a few clicks you can submit content to unlimited social bookmarking, social media and web 2.0 sites. It also can submit content to P1 Port PBN app. (note: we plan to replace this plugin with an application inside of the P1 Port - it's coming within next 6 months)

$199.95 value

P1 PBN Curator WP plugin

It automatically curates content on your WP blog by changing different elements on the same page. This way your pbn sites are fresh and gets indexed on Google.

$1199.95 12-month value

P1 Ranker WP plugin

It automatically submits your new blog posts to our P1 Ranker indexing app on P1 Port Portal, so all your new posts gets indexed by Google.

$1,159.30 12-month value

P1 RankMe WP plugin + Add-ons

It allows you to build links via our P1 RankMe app directly from within your WP blog.

  • P1 RankMe Faster ($99.95 value) - it's an add-on of P1 RankMe plugin - and it simply allows you to submit more links from each of your Wordpress blogs
  • P1 Traffic Fire ($99.95 value) - it's a 2nd add-on of P1 RankMe plugin - and it allows you to build backlinks directly to YouTube videos as well as your product pages on Amazon.
$199.95 value

P1 Local Magnet WP plugin

It allows you to display the page/post value on your website, so you can rent it to some local business and create a requiring checks from that.

$299.90 value

P1 Content Magnet + Add-ons

It allows you to optimize content based on Google documentation right inside of your WP blog.

  • P1 Authority Magnet ($99.95 value) - it's an add-on of P1 Content Magnet - it gets content words from any URL or first 5 websites on first page of Google for the keyword you choose.
$399.95 value

WP RSS Curator Pro WP plugin

It allows you to curate content from multiple content sources as well as build a library from RSS feeds, so you always get access to authority content.

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